Monday, December 24, 2007

more velo-ku

Mel meets the devil
but the malodorous one
gets the last guffaw

Cycling Haiku (5-7-5)

Paulo Bettini literally is poetry in motion on a bicycle. Despite the common belief that writing poems while on a training ride is quite difficult and possibly unsafe, I beg to differ. The art of the haiku is perfect for creating AND chanting while you train. Give it a try....I'll be posting some bike haikus in upcoming blogs. (anyone out there think this might be a sure sign of oxygen debt?)

Winter training camp
Taking a piss while rolling
Making Frozen Ropes

Dreaming of Colnago
with some Campy or Shimano
Clinchers or tubies?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Lexington

Cha-cha, yeah another cha for those who don't think training in December pays off in June. Yes, assembled again for a hilly session were a diverse group of mountaineers, from the pro Jeff to a coupla folks who walked up some of the final climbs.

Maybe it is the season - end of December, or the cold, the wet, who knows what motivates one to stay indoors. Cha-cha for those to endeavor to take a piss off a moving bicycle. Grey skies, 44 wet degrees at the start, one flat, some fat dogs, and a near crash when I couldn't get my pedals to release my cleat when we hit some of the remaining snow!

Am I a better cyclist for all this suffering? Knees certainly revert to the creak creak creak of arthritis diagnosed last year...

at least I got a nice 10 hour sleep that night....