Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Cycling Awards

After much thought and several rounds of brew the committee is proud to announce the following winners:

Most improved rider (and he knows it too!):

Riders who train double super-secret, so much that we didn’t see them all year: Pascale and Jim Burkhart.

Riders too nice to leave you for dead on a Tuesday night:

Bruce Pij and Dale Swartz.

Best Crash in a race (not including warmup): Cadillac George, award presented by Mike Matrka the winner of the best crash 2008 .

Best crash in a non-racing setting: Fred Parks

Best target to hit in a non-racing situation: Chairman Fred for hitting the only guy riding a fixie on a Thursday ride

Cyclist whose bike makes more noise than their body: Marco Pantani

Cyclist who couldn't find the washing machine cuz it is in storage: Dave Ames

Rider most likely to chase down any AND ALL breakaways:

. Dave Chambers

Rider voted as director for any ‘tour of the whine’ country: Amy McNeal.

Rider most likely NOT to upgrade again in 2010: Farmer John

Rider most likely to ride a bike wearing kevlar and a gun:

Bob Hatcher

Best road racer that show up for just 1 race per year: (tie) Mike Rea and Jay Allred.

Riders most likely to need a nature break five minutes into a ride: Tom Will and Dan Tinderholt

Rider most likely to be mistaken for a sausage casing: (winner 2 years running):

Stuart Hunter

cyclist who made the greatest leap forward towards new technology: Frank Seebode (who left steel bikes and 7-speed downtube shifting behind).

Cyclist most likely to show a little cheek: Gus Comstock

The fireman award to the cyclist(s) most aware of the fire up the road:

Tom Will & Scott-on-a-Scott

The Mario Andretti award for the cyclist who most unnecessarily pushes the pace: Scott-on-a-Scott

The 'Where's Waldo ' award 2009 goes to: Jeff 'Nacho' Jackson

Rider who didn’t get the memo about last years kit: Dave Bernon

Cyclist who is least likely to have the proper tool to fix a roadside mechanical: Butch (though he does get bonus points for helping the cute chick in distress on that one thursday ride out by Ostrander)

The reason Tom Will had to retire from his teaching position

Rider(s) who have pledged never to be seen wearing our team colors again:
Iowa Josh and Dan Rhule

Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 Cycling Awards Coming soon...

Prepare yourself. The commitee has met, soon you can see who won what, and more importantly, who lost when...stay tuned for details.