Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Street Crit

You shoulda been there. Yes siree. Long Street crit is a fantastic day in the city. Food. Live band. Correction FREE food, live band and racing racing racing. Jaybone, Luca Brasi – the ultimate fighter, and I warmed up to some Parliament Funkadelic on the double twisty huge 180 turned ultra safe course. Bootsy wails, “Ain’t nothing but a party baby.” Indeed. About 30 partiers line up for the 4/5 race. 25 laps was going to take us about 30 minutes. Team Dayton takes almost immediate control of the race and you know “…she’s a brick….house..” around we go, back again past the band, “…mighty mighty, just letting all hang out…” Hip and way better than the usual recorded techno crap we race around. Chambers and Allred maintain a nice position throughout the race, always in the top 10 riders, “…she’s a freak, a super freak, she’s kinda freaky.” I hover in the back, comfortable that our 26 mph will drop the squirrels. Both Luca and Boneman take a few trips off the front, “.."Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin.” Only 1 small crash in the 180 turn, a Cincy kid falls but is not hurt. “…I break down, in a COLD SWEAT,” and that’s my signal – James Brown calls me to the, I gotta say it, calls me to The Bridge. I sprint past Dayton to take a lap in the lead. I guess you gotta get up to get down. Nope. Dayton shuts everything off. I head back to mid-pack and finish there. I seems Chairman Fred and I are just getting our racing legs under us. Anyone want a piece of me - well in October?