Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend

No Need to tell you about the bike race at Mid-Ohio Raceway. I'd rather tell you about the Larry Allen Ride. Actually it's called Larry's Last Ride. Maybe I was thinking about the ride scheduled for Monday morning when I lined up with Cadillac George, K Flintstone, and Jeff Blodgett aka The New Sheriff at the 50+ race Saturday night. Chet Scott got an idea just after Larry passed on to the big Cat. 1 mountain in the sky a few years ago that we should repeat his last bike ride. So, we've been doing it (when the thunder and lightning storms don't stop us) every year since. Well, the race was uneventful for everyone but The Sheriff. Look out for him this year. Keith, Geo, and I got dropped hard in the winds and in the wake of Mighty Scott Young's accelerations. Do I chock it up to too few training miles? Dunno. I'd rather tell you about Larry's ride anyway. 29 turned out, we rode, we chirped, we pledged to do it every year in Larry's honor. 
(if you want a better look at the pictures, just click on it to enlarge)