Saturday, July 16, 2011

Block - OH! Criterium

I was watching the Tour de France this morning before I left for the crit at Ohio State. Maybe it is because his name is so cool to say..."Dah-Veed Mon-Coo-tee-Aaa" that I decided to race like David Moncoutie the Cofidis rider that always rides at the back of the peloton. The World of Pain riders joining me were Cadillac George and Brian 'Lil' Fabian' O'Hara. 
Okay, so maybe it wasn't the best plan to sit on the back today, but the 25+mph speeds were quite sharp. My first crit of the year wasn't a target race, but just a tester. Brian, George, and I were quite comfortable to follow wheels and avoid the occasional accident. 
Nice race set up, ok, next week I'll race it like Phillipe Gilbert...