Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My God is one Cruel God

Two weeks of testing (so far) reveal that the physical problems I experienced in late 2009 and all of 2010 probably are related to a food allergy. Gluten to be specific. Doctors tell me that the June dog/bike collision might have initiated this reaction to wheat and wheat by-products. The way it works is that my body's response to the protean gluten in wheat causes all the little 'bumps' and 'hairs" in my digestive tract to die and then I cannot absorb the nutrients in food, vitamins, EPO, HGH, Testosterine, etc. The harder I worked, the more muscle I tore up (without it being able to repair itself) the weaker I became and the slower on the bike.

By late fall last year, I was getting smoked in the sprints by women, small children and

Good news, my abstinance from wheat -
AND YOUR GODDAMM RIGHT - (no more Belgian beers and my sacramental pasta dishes) renewed my strength and spirits. Bad news, I'm only about 4 months of training behind you knuckleheads.

Don't look behind - I'm gaining on you....

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