Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nelsonville Criterium: by the numbers

Laps: 25
Temp: 79 F
Max Speed: 32 mph
Avg Speed: 22.5 mph

HR Max: 196
HR Avg: 174
Avg Watts: 218
Max Watts: 850
Watts/kg: 3.31

Placing: 3rd

Here's a few more numbers for you;

the last crit I participated in: 22 months ago ( I really miss the corner/sprint/corner)
winner's age: 41 (don't think he is shaving yet)
Number of times Frankie Andreau called Cadillac George's name: 6
Road surface better or worse than Marysville: worse (makes China's earthquake terrain look flat)
water bottles lost on cobbles: all (and on the first lap! gulp)
miles driven to win a new tire: 180
temp of water in bottle given to me by Rea: 65F (can you say 'yuck')
Number of World champions racing: 1 (not in the Master's race silly)

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