Friday, June 20, 2008

Worthington Race

Fantastic course, fast, wide, clean, in a word safe. And there is always a real nice turnout of neighborhood fans with yard parties. Our race the 4/5 was just a warm up for the Tour of Ohio 120 strong event. I think we lined up 16 racers, Luca Brasi, Farmer John, Cadillac, Matt, and myself.

George and I did our famous off-the-back-breakaway(?) for the last 4 laps and heard later that Farmer John had won again! Congrats and yes, he’s agreed to our demands, and will move up to Cat. 3 racing starting tomorrow. I guess Mike Rea will have good company.

Footnote from the world of the eternal boneheads; the Central Ohio Disease Control team appeared tonight, dropping one of their Cat 1-2-3 racers in our race (and aren’t you just proud of yourselves?) plus another hairy racer. By now, no one gives a crap what the diseased ones do, except as Cadillac George and I freewheeled across the finish, way out of the money, the follicled racer was in full sprint to pass us. George turned to me and I think we both exclaimed, ”whatta dick” at the same time...ah, some things never change...

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