Friday, April 2, 2010

First Ride W/O Knee Warmers

Yes, it was the 1st proper THURSDAY NITE RIDE from BEEHIVE BOOKS last night. Great to see such a large peloton, I guess I actually missed seeing Gus' butt crack when the sun hits him at just the right angle. It was a long long winter, but viola - here we are. Thursdays are cool because the speed of 18 mph (until the crazies race up the final climb) allows for friendly chatter and last night I got to meet some new riders.

Thursdays also remind me of where I once was (barely hanging on) and where I aspire to be - that's easy to do when you get a chance to spin with a cat. 2 racer who is out for a recovery ride, and watch how quiet his upper body is while his legs naturally spin at 100 rpm.

And with 8 more month until the time changes, there will be plenty of THURSDAYS to lather, rinse, and repeat.

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