Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Congratulations to Team Type 1 RAAM Winner Tom Kingery

Did you know that three time champion of the Race Across America, Tom Kingery is one of us? Pictured here (standing just to the right of Chairman Fred - who never makes eye contact with another champion) is the Ironman triathlete/type 1 diabetic and a 3 time winner of RAAM. Yep, three time champion. Who knew? Maybe the jersey gave it way, that and his ability to pull a pack of riders at 28mph for nearly an hour might have been a hint.

Last night was his first night back training with his fellow World of Pain riders after his five day, ten hour and 48 minute odyssey over the 3,005-mile course that runs from Calififornia to Maryland. read about it here.>

Welcome back Tom, now can you slow down a bit?

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Colleen said...

Great picture! Thanks for giving him the shout out! He talks about you Tuesday night guys all the time! :)