Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garrett Wonders Weekend

Friday and Saturday included racing in the 7th annual Garrett Wonders race, this year expanded from the downtown Westerville crit to an Ohio Statehouse four corner with a cobbled climb. Yes sir, the Pain-meisters in attendance included Cadillac George, Dave “I Am Curious Yellow” Chambers,” and Marco Pantani for the masters race (along with some Cat. 1 who had once rode the Olympic trials), Farmer John in the 3/4, and Dan ”man o’ God,” and Brian O! Finishing his career as a Cat. 5. 
Where were you? Just fill in the blank, “I did not have________________, today”
Here’s the poop, short and sweet, They do a fantastic job with these events. Volunteers and more volunteers, closed well swept roads, and enthusiastic fans. Always a pleasure to race in those conditions. 

The masters race Saturday in Westerville was all about chasing the Olympian (no one could) then holding on for some prize money. I did both and 7th place finish. Cha-ching No. 1. 
Sunday’s race could turn into a future classic course with a trip up Town Street that is paved, European-style, with those small mis-shapened cobbles. Without an appearance by Mr. Olympian, da Godfather and I had to just follow the moves of Chris Grisvard and Uncle Fester. 
But sometimes you follow the wrong wheel. Neither of those two won, it was this guy from Stark Velo that I chased up the climb every lap (well, a couple times he followed me), rattling several tooth filings loose. 
This was to be a 5th place finish and another check for both Conti and me. Cha-ching No. 2. Hey, I love racing for free.

You ask Farmer John about his yearly big race crash, no way I'm putting myself in that imbroglio. Also ask Brian O! about his tough as nails cobbles race, kinda like a little Fabian Cancellara.

And a big thank you to all the World O' Pain fans that turned out this weekend

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