Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dear God, Send Me A Criterium

Yeah, you heard me. Gimme some fast flat racing! Belgian hardman Dave Chambers and I carpooled up to Malabar Farms to race yet another hilly...HILLY race today. Upon arriving we saw the Masters race would have a former pro, Mighty Scott Young (and his 13 pound bike), the 2TallWall - Jeff Blodgett, Chris Grizzards, Blair the Mountain Goat, etc. etc. 
Oh boy. Scheduled for 3 laps or 30 miles of pain we set off. Actually up. From the gun CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB. I hang first lap, Dave hangs, Jeff is eyeballing Scott. Maybe you don't know this, but we live in the flatness of Central Ohio. Freeway overpasses are our cols, our muurs, our collinas, our backen (you get the idea). It's freaking flat around here. Second lap and the big dogs eat, actually climb and it's bye-bye Mark and Dave. I felt like Mark Cavandish at Milan -San Remo. Fat, Fast, and Dropped.

We didn't even stay around for the finish.

Damn you Scott Young!

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